Friday, August 6, 2010

Look at NYC Caricature Art samples of Elgin Bolling

Lets be honest, there are hundreds of caricature artists you can hire for your party, so why SHOULD you hire ME? well, I'll give you one good reasons, and it's summed up in this little phrase that has become a cliche'


meaning that the few samples you see featured HERE were drawn live at various events in five minutes or LESS. Ad you can see also, even though they were drawn fairly quickly, the likenesses are excellent, and there is no loss in quality.
Truth be told about this caricature industry.


Oh, they have EXCELLENT samples on their websites and printed materials they send you, but what they dont tell you is that they spent anywhere from TEN to TWENTY MINUTES drawing these masterpieces. And these pictures are GOOD from an artistic standpoint, but can you imagine PAYING BY THE HOUR an artist that takes THAT LONG to do a single picture??? You'd be not only throwing your money away, but your party guests who had the tenacity to wait in line would come up short and disappointed and would blame YOU for hiring the artist.
I've seen these "abominable slow men" draw at parties STILL on their FIRST picture while I'm on my third.

There IS no School that teaches you how to "draw fast"

You either HAVE the ability

Or you DON'T

I happen to HAVE it.

I am not bragging. Simply stating an measurable fact.

If you live in the NYC area you can even TEST me on it.
Call me at 347 424 5349 to set up a meeting
Bring your stopwatch.
Watch me draw YOUR face absolutely FREE
In 1-3 minutes.

Hire me for your next party and I will keep the line moving, keep your guests happy and entertained, AND give YOU your money's worth.

After all, You're Paying for it.

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